Works :

Tool buildingA production site for the arts, a dancing machine, and a recording studio,
the tool building is highly technical architecture that contributes to and supports
an economic, social or cultural cause. It is deliberately neutral and set back
to allow the activity it is design for come to life and fully develop.

Lendit Studios, Plaine-St-Denis

Saint-Louis Crystal Museum

Biotechnology Start ups Incubator, Nantes island

Fabric printing of the Grand-Lemps

The Grands Ateliers, Isle-d'Abeau

National Choregraphy Center, Montpellier

Theatre "la Comédie", Saint Etienne (competition)

TV Studio, Saint Ouen (competition)

Halle Pajol, Paris (competition)

Kunstmuseum, Bern (competition)

Contemporary Music Hall, Caen (competition)

Theatre du Maillon, Strasbourg (competition)

HousingPartitions, a protective cover, an outside-to-inside door passage, a window for light, a common room with fireplace and a conduit for smoke ventilation, and orientation that allows for as much sunlight as possible and protects against wind and heavy rains... The construction of increasingly elaborate shelters has led to architecture" and remains a dominant theme."

"EKLA", Euralille

"e.mergence", Quai de Paludate, Bordeaux

India House, Cité Internationale, Paris

Positive Energy Housing units, Lyon Confluence

35 Housing units, Metz

151 Housing units "Rives de Seine", Boulogne-Billancourt

For an ecologically responsible urban housing

"Gallagher Lane Lofts", San Francisco

"House of the future" Salon Habiter 88

"Réinventer Paris"_ La Frégate 2.0_ Paris Rive Gauche (call for proposal)

Spaces for learningEquilibrium, essential to study and research, is created in university campus buildings. The campus plays a major role ine the formation of society. We are passionate about the way a campus designed and aquipped, and the minute attention to detail that is required. We take into account its history, its architectural and landscaping heritage and the disciplines that are practiced there.

ARTEM 3 (Art - Technology - Management), Nancy

Civil Service and Intellectual Property Center, Strasbourg

Higher Institute of Engineering in Advanced Systems and Networks (ESISAR), Valence

Auguste Renoir High School for Applied Arts, Paris

Comtes de Champagne Campus, Troyes

University Library of Sciences, Orléans-la-Source campus

House of Human Sciences, Grenoble Saint-Martin-d'Hères Campus

Environmental design / CampusCampuses and industrial sites - these territorial parcels are the pieces that compose a more or less orderly cityspace. Within them, each has a function, identity and symbolic signifiance.

Macro-lot "Rives de Seine" Area, Boulogne-Billancourt

Prefiguration of the Condorcet Campus, Aubervilliers

Lille, Fives-Cail-Babcock Factory Area

Master Plan of the LyonTech La Doua Science Campus

Master Plan of the Science Campus, Orsay

"Between Park and Cobblestones" PAN University

Centre de Formation EDF, campus Paris-Saclay (concours)

Paris PARC (Pluridisciplinary Applied Research Center), Campus Jussieu, Paris 6ème (concours)

"Habiter le Campus", logements étudiants sur le campus de Paris-Saclay (concours)


KICAF 2015

Prototypes de façades pour le PAPS-PCPI, Strasbourg

Study of a covering space system, RATP


Artistic Collaboration :


India House, Cité Internationale, Paris - Sadashiv & Kishore Soma Mashe


Civil Service and Intellectual Property Center - Christelle Familiari


The Lendit Studios, Laboratoire irb

Auguste Renoir Highschool, irb Paris


Comtes de Champagne Campus, Veit Stratmann


"Bio Ouest" in Nantes, Pierre Giner


The Roanne Law Courts, Dror Endeweld


Les Grands Ateliers, Christian Philipp Müller


ESISAR, Ruedi Baur


National Choregraphy Center of Montpellier, Pipo Lionni


News :



Wooden Highrises
Adivbois-PUCA- Zac de la Cartoucherie lot 1.6/7 (Concours) Quartier de la cartoucherie à Toulouse Oppidéa-Icade- Equipe Arbonis-C&E-Xndo-VPa
Réinventer la Seine - Lauréat du projet Manufacture sur Seine
Ancient water factory, Ivry-Sur-Seine by Paris The project 'Réinventons la Terre' (Reinvent Earth) is led by the Team Quartus  - Amateur Architecture Studio -Wang Shu & Lu Wenyu- Lipsky-Rollet Architectes - Joly&Loiret - Topager.    


Portrait d'agence, AMC
BAQ2016_Biennale Panaméricaine d'Architecture de Quito
La maison de l'Inde présentée au concours International de la biennale (habitat social & developpement)
Ryerson University
Conference of Pascal Rollet
27 october, Toronto (Canada)
Our proposal for Kaohsiung International Container Art Festival 2015 "Ark of Tomorrow"_ TAIWAN - Post-disaster emergency housing, a 100 living units block : LR-ARK100.
Our proposal is based on the idea of designing a solution for post disaster emergency housing built with containers. Containers and scaffolding systems are the architectonics of our architectural proposal for a project that not only addresses the issue of emergency housing, but also takes into account the questions of energy, food Storage transportation, médical care, éducation and spirituality. 34 containers are assembled around a central courtyard, stacked up to 6 stories. A mettalic secondary structure on the roof allows to hold in place PV panels (1 000m2, 200KWp). A prototype of one container and roof was built for KICAF. It will be open for visits  from December 26th 2015 until February 14th, 2016.   © Lipsky-Rollet architectes


Our proposal for Kaohsiung International Container Art Festival 2015 « Ark of Tomorrow » - Post-disaster emergency housing, a 100 living units block : LR-ARK100.
  Our proposal is based on the idea of designing a solution for post disaster emergency housing built with containers. Containers and scaffolding systems are the architectonics of our architectural proposal for a project that not only addresses the issue of emergency housing, but also takes into account the questions of energy, food Storage transportation, médical care, éducation and spirituality. 34 containers are assembled around a central courtyard, stacked up to 6 stories. A mettalic secondary structure on the roof allows to hold in place PV panels (1 000m2, 200KWp). A prototype of one container and roof was built for KICAF. It will be open for visits  from December 26th 2015 until February 14th, 2016.   © Lipsky-Rollet architectes
COP 21 - Round table: moderator Pascal ROLLET - Sustainable architecture and heritage: climate change from the city to the building scale.
COP 21 : quelle architecture à l'heure du réchauffement climatique? - article de Pascal ROLLET.
Festival Mode d'Emploi - Lyon - 22 novembre 2015 - La ville de demain sera-t-elle verte? Architecture, villes et réchauffement climatique.
Dimanche 22 novembre à 11h00 à l'hôtel de Région à Lyon, Florence Lipsky, Pascal Marty et Koen Olthuis pour un débat animé par Michel Lussault


AK09: "Author", a risk in times of crisis - table discussion with F.Lipsky.
Florence Lipsky: PhD in Architecture
On september 23rd-2014, Florence Lipsky has defended her thesis work in front of a jury composed of Mr. Pierre VELTZ (USVQ), Antoine PICON (Prof. at GSD-Harvard University), Christophe GIROT (Prof. at ETHZ), Jean CASTEX (LéAV-ensaV), Jean-Yves MOLLIER (USVQ) and Benoit JACQUET (Prof. at Kyoto University. EFEO Director).
She received a "doctorate in Architecture" with high honors and the congratulations of the jury for her research work: "The campus as a specific territory and living environment in 21st century. Japanese case studies (19th-20th century)."
Within the field of Architecture and Environmental Design, and by applying Foucault’s “heterotopia” concept, this work examines the campus as a space that is different from other spaces. According to its defining principles, the American campus is a reference for highlighting major themes: community engagement, questions of Town and Gown, and nature’s role in university life.  This reflection, nourished by personal experiences and many years of professional practice in France, leads to the hypothesis that living on a campus is a spatial experience that contributes to an individual’s education, and therefore, must be fully understood on a human scale. The research develops a vision of university space design in the 21st century, based on the notion of environmental surroundings and beginning with territorial dynamics. An analysis of the Japanese campus helps support this reflection. History serves as a privileged tool for understanding how places were shaped at the time of Heian (794-1185), Meiji (1868-1912), and Heisei (1989-). 
Grand Opening of la Cité du Soleil® - Solar Decathlon Europe 2014_Versailles.
Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 was inaugurated on June 27th-2014 by Mrs. Sylvia Pinel, Minister of Housing and the Equality of Territories, in presence of French officials, decathletes, SDE 2014 Organization members and industrial partners of the competition.

Pascal Rollet, Competition Director, shows the Minister around during her visit of the site.


Livraison du nouveau bâtiment pour la Maison de l'Inde, Cité Universitaire, Paris
Time Lapse
Académie d'Architecture _ Symposium 2013 - Conseil Economique, Social et Environnemental (Palais d'Iéna).
Participation de Pascal Rollet à la table ronde "Vivre ensemble dans une ville durable, Le temps long et le désir de ville".
Mardi 17 décembre 2013
BATIMAT IN SITU_INTERVIEW - Le nouveau bâtiment pour la maison de l'Inde à la Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris.
Le nouveau bâtiment pour la maison de l'Inde à la Cité U. sélectionné. interview de Florence Lipsky présentée dans le cadre de l'exposition.


Our website is now available in chinese
PUBLICATION : Hors série Archistorm #4
Le numéro 4 Archistorm hors-série présente différents projets réalisés par l'agence depuis sa création en 1990.


WINNER : "Pyramides d'Argent" (Silver Pyramid), Innovation category
Housing and commercial space "Rive de Parc", Boulogne-Billancourt
LECTURE : "R&D Competition universitaire du Solar Decathlon" (R&D Solar Decathlon University competition)
March 8th, 2011 - École nationale supérieure d'architecture de la ville et des territoires à Marne-la-Vallée
WINNER : Extension of the "Maison de l'Inde"
The agency won the competition to build the 70 rooms extension of the "Maison de l'Inde", in the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris


Office :

Access Map

Lipsky + Rollet Architectes
21 Rue du Tunnel
75 019 PARIS


Florence Lipsky, architect, has been a professor at the School of Architecture of "Ville & territoires" in Marne-la-Vallée - Paris since 2000. During her training, she spent two years as visiting researcher at the University of California at Berkeley, sponsored by the Ministery of Foreign Affairs (Lavoisier grant). One of the results was the publication of the book : "San francisco, the grid on the hills" ed. Parenthèses. She has been a resident in "Kujoyama Villa" in Kyoto in 2002 on a French Foreign Affairs Ministry grant. She has completed her Ph.D thesis concerning campus planning, in a comparative approach between USA, Europe and Japan in 2016. She is member of the Architecture Academy.
Pascal Rollet, architect, has been Professor at the Grenoble School of Architecture since 1992. From 2009 onwards, he has been co-directing the "Architecture, Environnement et Cultures Constructives" (AE&CC) research unit which has been labelled LABEX by French Government. During his training he participated to CRATerre groupe researches on earth construction in different developing countries. In 1989, he obtained a master degree from UC Berkeley with Lars Lerup and Stanley Saitowitz. He has been faculty Advisor for the ENSAG-GAIA-INES team in Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 international competition as well as for the Team Rhône-Alpes, winner of the 2012 Solar Decathlon.
Team members since 2000 : Alisa Rinderspacher, Amandine Mornet, Ana Markovic, Anna Flak, Antoine Néto Berenguer, Attila Eris, Audrey Arlot, Audrey Maudet, Aurélien Le Roux, Benjamin Lenaour, Bertrand Robuchon, Bo Wu, Caroline Collin, Catherine Fleury, Charles Dufresne, Charlotte Kientz, Christophe Wilke, Doniphan Grotte, Dorothée Martin, Emilie Dessoye, Emilie Klein, Emmanuel Leroy, Emmanuelle Baranger, Etienne Santiago, Fabienne Lagarrigue, Fanny Besse, Fanny Tassel, Francis Terraz, François Guillaud, Frederic Bevilacqua, Frederic Bevilacqua, Gonzalo Tarongi Devai, Guillaume Chabenat, Guillaume Buton, Harrison Grospeiller, Hanyu Li, Hélène Dumas, Ilan Bitoun, Jae Young Choi, Jeanne Moulet, Jérémy Bru, Jerôme Charignon, Jérôme Damiens, Johann Grellaud, Josselin Guillo, Julien Chaudet, Katja Lafoscade, Katja Rapold, Kevin Robin, Laure Mouly, Laurent Degremont, Laurent Thierry, Léopoldine Faivre, Louis Bauchet, Luc Fabreguettes, Luce Jalbert, Raphaëlle Ruiz, Luce Jalbert, Marine Divisia, Marion Duval, Mathieu Cordelle, Mathieu Planquette, Maximilien Dumont, Michelle Patte, Nicolas Dubus, Nicolas Maes, Nicolas Savaux, Paul Longuet, Pénélope Barret, Quentin Chansavang, Renaud Schwartz, Samuel Chapuis-Breyton, Sébastien Freitas, Simon Visconti, Steve Gallay, Sylvain Ruffier, Thibault Chanut, Vincent Carbillet, Vincent Prioux, Vivien Jimenez, Xavier Porte, Yannis Frémont-Marinopoulos ….


Lipsky + Rollet Architectes
21 rue du Tunnel
75019 Paris, France
T. +33 (0)1 48 87 16 33
F. +33 (0)1 48 87 42 77
agence (at) lipsky-rollet (dot) com
presse (at) lipsky-rollet (dot) com
candidature (at) lipsky-rollet (dot) com


2002 — Nominated for the Prix de l’Équerre d’Argent - (Silver Set Square Award).
Les Grands Ateliers of L’Isle-d’Abeau in Villefontaine
1998 — "Distinguished Finalist" for the Dupont de Nemours Benedictus Award
ÉSISAR, Institution of higher learning in advanced systems and networks Valence
1995 — Winner of the "Prix de la Premiere Œuvre" - (First Works Award).
Rhône-Alpes Institute of Human Sciences (MRASH)
1992 — Young architecture Award
1991 — Winner of Pan University
"Between Parks and Cobblestones", PAN University in l’Isle-d’Abeau

Projects List

— Civil Service University Building of Strasbourg (PAPS), and Competence and Intellectual Property Center (PCPI)
— ZAC Boissière Acacia in Montreuil (France), E1 block - c. 60 flats - Aim : Minergie P energy efficiency label
— Ekla, 25 800sqm mixed-used building at Chaude Rivière - Euralille, lot 10.7
— E.Mergence, Vinci Sud-Ouest Headquarters, offices and student housing in Bordeaux, quai de Paludate. ZAC St Jean Belcier, lot 3.2.
- Lot B1A3 - ZAC Paris Rive Gauche - Secteur Bruneseau (Wood construction tender - 2nd position -). 
- Lot 1.6/7 - ZAC Cartoucherie in Toulouse (Wood construction tender - 2nd position)
- Manufacture-sur-Seine - Call for Project "Reinvent the Seine". Conception with Amateur Architecture Studio, Joly&Loiret, Topager. 1rst prize with the HighWood project. 
- ICN Business School, ISAM-IAE Management school, university library, shared amphitheaters, and the Students' House in the ARTEM campus in Nancy
- Urban project  « cadran solaire » in La Tronche by Grenoble (38)          
Change of use for an old military hospital which used to be a research facility for the army health services.  
University and housing programmation.
Surface : 2,8 hectares. 
Mission town planning - landscaping - environment - energy and liaising with the inhabitants. 
Direction : Grenoble Alpes Métropole
Inuits paysagistes, Eléments, Repérage urbain
— ASTUS, conception-réalisation pour la plateforme ASTUS construction à Villefontaine (38) (concours)
— LR-ARK100
— Siège social Vinci Sud-Ouest, bureaux et résidence étudiante à Bordeaux, quai de Paludate. ZAC St Jean Belcier, lot 3.2.
— Résidence Etudiante à Gif-sur-Yvette (91), Conception-réalisation avec BH et Coredif_427 lits (concours)
— Bâtiment de Recherche pour l’EHESS sur le campus Condorcet (concours)
— Saint Priest (69) _ Les îlots verts, lot 2C, 122 logements (concours)
— Housing and commercial space, ZAC Amphitheatre, Metz
— Extension of the "Maison de l'Inde", Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris
— FRAC de Basse Normandie à Caen (concours)
— Construction du Générateur d'Activité des Landes de Juzan à Anglet (concours), en collaboration avec WHY architecture
— Architectural and urban coordination of Macro-lot B3 in the Seguin-Rives de Seine area of Boulogne-Billancourt
— "Amplia" positive energy housing building, Lyon Confluence
— 164 Housing units, ZAC de la Cartoucherie, Toulouse (competition)
— "Eurêka", Media section - Isle Beaulieu, Nantes
— Housing and commercial space "Rive de Parc", Boulogne-Billancourt
— ÉSISAR, National Institute of higher education in Advanced Systems and Networks, Valence
— EDF training center in Saclay campus (competition)
— Paris PARC (Pluridisciplinary Applied Research Center), Campus de Jussieu, Paris 6ème (competition)
— "La Comédie" Theater in Saint-Etienne (competition)
— Auguste Renoir Highschool, Paris
— The Lendit Studios, La Plaine-Saint-Denis
— Sketches and reflections on the preconfiguration of the Condorcet campus, Aubervilliers
— 141 housing units and commercial space, Cardinet Saussure area, Paris (competition)
— Comtes de Champagne campus in downtown Troyes
— Positive housing : recycle, share and optimize. 
Calling on ideas for urban, ecologically responsible housing. Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine, Paris
— 123 housing units, République-Anatole France area, Nanterre (competition)
— Cultural Center in the previous Montpensier Hospital, Trévoux (competition)
— "Descartes +" building on the Descartes city campus , Marne-la-Vallée (competition)
— Master Plan of the scientific campus "LyonTech - La Doua", Villeurbanne
— Development proposal for the Landy-Pleyel zone - Urban and landscape planning 
— 95 living units on the Avenue de France, lots M9B3 and M9B4, Paris Rive Gauche zone (competition)
— Study of a covering space system within the Paris metro (prototype)
— Rehabilitation of the Pajol Industrial space, Paris (competition)
— La Grande Place, Saint-Louis Crystal Museum, Saint-Louis-lès-Bitche
— 31 HQE housing units, Grenoble (competition)
— Southern sector of the O.R.U. Yves Farges, Bègles (competition)
— Study for the urban restructuring of the Fives-Cail-Babcock factories in Fives, Lille
— Halle 13, Biotechnology business incubator on the Isle of Nantes
— Innovative Textile Center at the Union site, Tourcoing (competition)
— Institute of Earth Sciences, Orléans (competition)
— University Science Library on the Orléans-la-Source campus
— Choreography Center, Val-de-Marne (competition)
— M5B1 block in the Massena zone, Paris Rive Gauche (competition)
— The Roanne Law Courts
— Office building on the A1 block, Boulogne-Billancourt (competition)
— Gymnasium in Reuilly , Paris 12e (competition)
— École Supérieure des Arts et Métiers de Lille (Engineering University in Lille) (competition)
— Restructuring and extension of the ENC Bessière, Paris (competition)
— Engineering of Urban Systems building for the University of Technologies, Compiègne (competition)
— Master plan of the scientific campus, Orsay-Paris Sud XI University
— Sainte-Barbe University Library, Paris (competition)
— Restructuring-extension of the International Perfume Museum, Grasse (competition)
— SIEGL, Fabric Printing Company in Grand-Lemps
— Les Grands Ateliers of the Isle of Abeau, Villefontaine
— Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig Academy for Visual Arts in Leipzig, 
Germany (competition)
— Media library in the Abbaye de Saint-André-le-Haut, Vienne (competition)
— Lace and Fashion Museum, Calais (competition)
— Study for developing the Masséna-Bruneseau
section of Paris Rive Gauche zone, Paris
— Reconversion study of the Bonne army barracks, Grenoble
— "57 Metal" Building, Boulogne-Billancourt (competition)
— Renault Pavilion of the Automotive Show, Geneva (competition)
— La Bruyère Highschool, Versailles (competition)
— Master Plan of the Paris X-Nanterre campus
— School of Decorative Arts, Strasbourg (competition)
— Office furniture for Oracle Corporate (competition)
— School of Music and Dance, Chambéry (competition)
— Teaching and Research Center on the Dijon-Montmusard campus (competition)
— "Gallagher Lane Lofts", artists’ live-work space, San Francisco, USA
— National Institute of Technology, Toulouse (competition)
— Development of the « Triangle de la Folie » in La Défense, Paris (competition)
— Development and planning of the Chessy zone (competition)
— 25 housing units above the Lilas electric station, Paris (competition)
— Mecano-Electronic Hall, Montpellier (competition)
— "Crachet Forum" in Frameries, Belgium (competition)
— New Law Courts, Narbonne (competition)
— University Department of Social Sciences on the Poitiers campus (competition)
— Europan 4, "Construct the city on the City", Athis Mons (competition)
— National Choregraphy Center of Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussilon
— Planning and development of the Mariage Square in Mamoudzou, Mayotte
— MRASH, Rhône-Alpes Institute of Human Sciences, Grenoble campus.
— Urban development study of the Briffaut site, Valence
— Moulon sector plan for the Saclay zone (competition)
— Urban planning study of the railway station site at Nanterre-University (competition)
— "Between park and cobblestones" PAN University in Isle d'Abeau
— 1200 sqm extension for offices and industrial space for the Verney company, Orléans (study)
— Programming and architectural simulation study for the extension of the Grenoble school of architecture. Proposal were retained and financed by the Department of Architecture and Urban planning.
— "3 architectural reveries", three theorical projects based on the "House" theme (Directed by Lars Lerup. M. architecture, U. C. Berkeley, Pascal Rollet)
— Gedank Bibliothek competition, Berlin (presentation drawings with Stanley Saitowitz, San Francisco architect and Lars Lerup, Berkeley architect. Pascal Rollet)
— Natural History Museum on the site of the Oakland airport (Study, Pascal Rollet)
— PA. Award for Kuth-Ranieri and Tanner-Leddy-Maytum-Stacy architects, San Francisco (models for competition)
— Simon-Wells house, St Ismier (Study)
— "The House of the Future", Exhibit <i>Habiter 88</i> in the Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris
— PAN 14 "Housing in Question", Viscose Housing project in Echirolles (competition)
— International NIAE competition, "A tree and a walk along the water", facing the Taj Mahal, India.
Honorable mention + L. Katz Special Award for the best graphic presentation.
— "Wooden House" national competition organized by the Federation of Wood Importers from the North and from Finland. 1st prize.
— Installation of the first urban development plans for the village of Kani-Keli on the Island of Mayotte, and the realization of drinking fountains.
— Plans for the urban development of the village Kani-Keli, on the island of Mayotte.
— 20 wooden anticyclone schools, 50 anticyclone schools made out of compressed earthen blocks, Mayotte Tourism office, Technical unit and the Airfield control tower at Pamandzi, the Kani-Keli and Combani health clinics.
— 8 experimental low cost housing units from compressed eathern bricks, Mayotte


Public clients
- Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg
- Conseil Régional Ile-de-France
- Communauté d’Agglomération Troyenne
- Communauté Urbaine de Nantes
- CROUS de Paris
- Grand Lyon, Communauté urbaine
- Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble
- Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche
- Ministère de la Culture, Direction de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine
- Ministère de la Justice
- Ministère de la Défense
- Rectorat de Grenoble
- Rectorat d’Orléans-Tours
- Régie Immobilière de la Ville de Paris
- SEM Ville Renouvellée
- Université de Lyon Tech
- Université Pierre Mendès France (Grenoble)
- Université Orsay Paris-Sud 11
- Ville de Montreuil/OPHLM
- Ville de Montpellier
- Ville de Grenoble
- Ville de Paris
Private clients
- Batigère
- Brémond Immobilier
- Cristalleries Saint-Louis
- Groupe Giboire
- Hermès International
- Maison de l’Inde/Ambassade de L'inde
- Mark Nelson Development (USA)
- Société Foncière Paris France
- Vinci Immobilier Résidentiel


Exhibitions :


Projet pour un habitat d’urgence post-catastrophe à Taïwan, prototype échelle 1:1 construit dans le cadre du Festival International d’Art Contemporain des Containers de Kaoshiung.
BAQ2016_Biennale Panaméricaine d'Architecture de Quito
La maison de l'Inde présentée au concours International de la biennale (habitat social & developpement)




"Living 2011" 30 architecture competition for the construction of new housing units in Paris - Arsenal Pavilion, Paris.
Competition for the construction of a building of housing units in Saussure Pont Cardinet Area


What collective living space for tomorrow? - Urban Planning Information Center in Rennes.
Presentation of « Amplia » positive energy housing units, Lyon Confluence.


"Ecological housing - What kind of architecture for a sustainable city?" - Cité de l’architecture et du Patrimoine Paris.
Ideas for urban, ecologically responsible housing ; &
presentation of the Comtes de Champagne campus in
downtown Troyes and a building in Lyon Conflence based on "Amplia" positive energy
"Living Habitat 09.08 / 09.09" - Architecture competition for the construction of new housing units in Paris - Arsenal Pavilion, Paris.
Competition for the construction of two buildings of housing units, shops and activities in Paris Rive gauche - Masséna Chevaleret neighborhood, Paris


"Outside Paris #2" - Maison de l’Architecture Paris.
Presentation of a building of housing units and shops "Rive de Parc", Boulogne-Billancourt
"Architecture=Sustainable " - Arsenal Pavilion, Paris.
Presentation of a building of housing units and shops "Rive de Parc", Boulogne-Billancourt.


"The Planned City" - 6th International Architecture Biennial in Sao Paulo.
Presentation of the Grands Ateliers in Isle-d’Abeau, France
"Métamorphoses Durables" (Sustainable Transformations)
International Architecture Biennial in Venice


"7 new equipments in Paris" - Arsenal Pavilion, Paris.
Competition for a gymnasium equipped with a climbing wall and a dance studio, ZAC Reuilly, Paris.


"Metropolitan Archipelago" - Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris.
Master Plan project for the University of Paris-Sud Orsay
"The Grid meets the hills" - South Gallery-Stout Bookstore, San Francisco.
Florence Lipsky, Exhibit of drawings La Grille sur les collines, (The Grid meets the Hills), Parenthèses Publishers, 1999.
"Urban and Art" - Hiroshima.
Exhibit organized by "Japan Bank of Hiroshima", Hiroshima. Yukiko Ito, commissioner
"Shared Territories" - Arsenal Pavilion, Paris.
Exhibit organized by M. Pranlas Descours. Presentation of a master plan of the Orsay-Paris Sud university campus.


"City and University - From Plan U200 to Plan U3M" - La Sorbonne, Paris.
Exhibit organized by the Minister of French Education, Research and Technology. Presentation of the PAN-University project
"50th UIA and Dupont Benedictus" - Lausanne, Switzerland.
Presentation of the 'tool building" ESISAR


"Export" - IFA, Paris.
Exhibit on French architects and their works abroad



PAN University - Sorbonne, Paris.
Exhibit of winning projects
"40 architects under 40 years old" - IFA, Paris.
Traveling exhibit presented at the International Architecture Biennial in Venice and during the « French Culture Month » in Chicago.


"Château Bordeaux" - Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.
European consultation for the design of a modern, wine-producing château in the Bordeaux region of France. Traveling exhibit presented in European capital cities. Jean Dethier, commissioner.


Publications :




- L’industria delle costruzioni - bimestriel.
Immeuble Rives de Parc à Boulogne Billancourt


- Bauen Mit Holz - 9.2014.
Kompaktes Doppel in Holz
- THE PLAN - n°076 - septembre 2014.
Student Residence, House of India, Paris, France
- AMC - n°233 - mai 2014.
Lipsky+Rollet, Maison de l'Inde, Paris 14ème
- exé - n°16.
House of India
- Séquences Bois - n° 98 - janv.février 2014.
Extension à R+7 en bois pour la Maison de l'inde à Paris
- Télérama - numéro hors série "14-18".
La Cité de la Paix, par Luc Le Chatelier
- Le Monde - 4 janvier 2014.
"Le campus français, cause perdue?" par Benoît Floc'h


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