Program – Realization of a Center of Excellence and Competence
of more than 2200 students regrouping the institute 
Sciences Po Strasbourg and the Competence
and Intellectual Property Center, which ensures patent training.
Governing authority – Urban Community of Strasbourg
Project manager – Lipsky + Rollet architects with Antoine Neto-Berenguer & Laurent Thierry (project managers)
with Caroline Collin, Dorothée Martin, Josselin Guillo, Aurélien Le Roux and with : RFR (structure, envelope), RFR éléments (HQE),
Bet Nicolas (fluids, HQE), Bet Thermibel (acoustics),
Cabinet Casso (SSI), Bureau Michel Forgue (économy),
irb paris (signage)
Total cost – 28 500 000 euros net of VAT
Surface area – 14 770 sqm
Completion – 2019