Program – Sketches and reflections for the prefiguration of the Condorcet campus and the "Center for Humanities and Social Sciences" in Aubervilliers.
To ensure -beyond operational actions- that all requirements for a quality university life are taken in acount, the campus is conceived globally, integrating university buildings, streets, squares, the entry square, and the landscape that constitutes the surrounding environment.
Governing authority – Minister of Higher Education and Research
Establishments of the Condorcet campus – CNRS, School of Chartes, EHESS, EPHE, INED, Institute of the Americas, INRA, ISSC-UNESCO, PAris 1, Paris 8, Paris 13

Environmental approach – Global environmental approach integrating daily life amenities, rainwater managment and building conception in the context of the new 2012 thermal regulations that target the construction of low energy (BBC) and positive building (BEPOS). Installation of 50.000 sqm of photovoltaic panels to produce approximately 5 millions ok KWh/year
Financing – In the context of the "Campus plan 2009",
iniated by the Minister of Higher Education and Research.
Surface area – 8 hectares au cœur du territoire urbain de la Plaine d'Aubervilliers - Saint-Denis en pleine mutation
Delivery – 2010