Program – Master Plan of the Science Center at Orsay-Paris-Sud XI.
Programming of buildings, travel, urban connections, landscaping, water, ecology, life and comfort, cultural identity.
Population : 1st cycle - 5000 students ; 2nd cycle - 5000 students ; 3rd cycle - 6000 students
Governing authority – Paris-Sud university
Delegate governing authority
Project manager – Lipsky+Rollet architects-urban planners
With : Onne Paysage, Christophe Girot (landscaping)
Financing – U3M Minister of Education, Research and Technology
12th contract of the State-Regional Plan
Surface area – 230 hectares in the region of the Chevreuse and Mérantaise valleys (classified site).
Concerned communities : Bures-sur-Yvettes, Orsay, Gif-sur-Yvettes
Delivery – 2003