Post-disaster emergency housing, a 100 living units block : LR-ARK100

Our proposal for Kaohsiung International Container Art Festival 2015 « Ark of Tomorrow » is based on the idea of designing a solution for post disaster emergency housing built with containers.

Containers and scaffolding systems are the architectonics of our architectural proposal for a project that not only addresses the issue of emergency housing, but also takes into account the questions of energy, food Storage transportation, médical care, éducation and spirituality.

34 containers are assembled around a central courtyard, stacked up to 6 stories. A mettalic secondary structure on the roof allows to hold in place PV panels (1 000m2, 200KWp).

A prototype of one container and roof was built for KICAF. It was open for visits  from December 26th 2015 until February 14th, 2016.

KICAF_LR100 from lipsky-rollet architectes on Vimeo.


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